The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

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In September of last year, I wrote a relatively short piece on the merits of change and how I have long believed two things about the subject of change: first, it is inevitable and second, the best time to change is when you don’t have to. I mentioned how the best organizations truly understand change is not so much to be managed, as it is to be achieved if an organization would dare to move from good to great.

Little did I know then that in just eight short months how prophetic those words would turn out to be…

Today, we at Capella proudly announced that we had completed a merger with RegionalCare Hospital Partners to form RCCH HealthCare Partners (RegionalCare Capella Healthcare). The coming together of these two similar organizations creates a single $1.7 billion healthcare organization with 16 regional health systems operating in 12 states, which along with its 13,000 team members and 2,000+ physicians is privileged to provide care to almost 2 million patients annually. The end result is a financially stronger, geographically more diverse, and better equipped quality-focused organization that will be able to even better support its current and future partner communities. A true game-changer if there was ever one!

However, also in that same piece, I spent an equal amount of time detailing what could NEVER CHANGE.  And that is healthcare always has been – and always will be – about the patients who need care and people who provide that care. Remaining true to, and focused on, these two constituents will ensure that in the midst of all the change, the core values, mission and vision of legacy Capella – now part of RCCH – will remain unchanged.

Because some things can never change.

“When [what you are deeply passionate about, what you can be best in the world at and what drives your economic engine] come together, not only does your work move toward greatness, but so does your life. For, in the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work. Perhaps, then, you might gain that rare tranquility that comes from knowing that you’ve had a hand in creating something of intrinsic excellence that makes a contribution. Indeed, you might even gain that deepest of all satisfactions: knowing that your short time here on this earth has been well spent, and that it mattered.” 

― James C. Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t

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